Sorry, NEO 2018 sales are closed.  After starting talks with the makers of NEO 2018 Dr. Flanagan has decided that he wants more time to make NEO better. As the inventor in charge he needs more lead time than he feels comfortable asking you to support. Unfortunately due to the doctor's health issues, there is no timetable as to when or if this work will ever take place.  PhiSciences has made full refunds to those brave and beautiful souls who made pre-orders in October. 

​If you have not yet received your NEO 2018 refund please contact help@phisciences. com immediately.

Thanks also from the BuzzBroz marketing team for so abundantly supporting this private campaign with pre-orders that it "blew a fuse" within PayPal. Certainly the retail demand at $800 price point was proven by you great backers, thus assuring NEO will be back sooner than later. 

Last, if you'd still like some of Dr. Flanagan's magic we invite you to follow this link get a Sensor V Medallion at the unprecedented discount of 33% off for limited time for the holidays.  The best price offered in 2017. Visit the page to learn how Patrick Flanagan created the medallion with the intention to offer the wearer greater abundance and spiritual protection.